SEPPIC receives the RSPO Mass Balance certification for its Castres (France) site

  • March 3, 2015
  • 2 mins of read time

SEPPIC receives the RSPO Mass Balance certification for its Castres (France) site

SEPPIC was awarded the Mass Balance* supply chain certification for its main production site in Castres (France). This certification of compliance with the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) standard enables SEPPIC to provide its customers with environmentally responsible ingredients.

A leader in glucolipid emulsifiers (made from sugar and fatty substances), SEPPIC chooses to use several plant-derived raw materials for this technology (palm, canola, castor-oil plant, etc.). It thus obtains a range of emulsifiers that offer a variety of textures and sensory experiences. Palm oil, thanks to its high production yield per acre, is one of today's prized green chemistry raw materials.

A member of the RSPO since 2010, SEPPIC is committed to sustainable palm oil. With the Mass Balance certification of its main glucolipid production site, SEPPIC is doing its part to promote palm oil production that protects the ecosystem.

This certification is part of a comprehensive action plan for sustainable palm oil and, more broadly, SEPPIC's sustainable development initiative. All palm oil derivatives used to produce SEPPIC active ingredients are covered by the RSPO Book&Claim** certification.

Chantal AMALRIC, Strategic Marketing Manager for the SEPPIC Beauty Care Department and RSPO Coordinator, states: "We have to use positive initiatives to extricate ourselves from the vicious cycle of "no-no" and "free from."*** This certification opens up new possibilities for marketing Mass-Balance-certified emulsifiers with the RSPO standard."


* Mass Balance: an RSPO certification standard that ensures that the amount of sustainable palm oil derivatives entering the production chain is equal to the amount of sustainable palm derivatives for sale. Mass Balance certified products contribute to the production of sustainable palm oil.

** Book&Claim: a GreenPalm RSPO program that involves buying sustainable palm oil certificates directly from RSPO-certified producers. B&C-certified products support the production of sustainable palm oil.

*** No-No/Free from: the tendency to highlight the lack of certain ingredients, e.g. "no sulfates, no silicones," etc. as the most important benefit for consumers.