SEPPIC presents Sea Shine, its new active ingredient – by BiotechMarine

  • March 28, 2014
  • 2 mins of read time

SEPPIC presents Sea Shine, its new active ingredient – by BiotechMarine

Sea Shine, sourced in the pure waters of the Brehat archipelago - Brittany, France, is the fruit of a comprehensive and innovative research on the mechanisms involved in skin pigmentation.

As many women around the world dream of having a fairer and lighter skin but also improving the blemishes of their skin, BiotechMarine has developed a marine algae complex designed to smoothly lighten the skin, Sea Shine.

This new active ingredient is compliant with China (based on vegetable butylene glycol). An in vivo study shows after 56 days, a significant lightening effect on asian and caucasian panels. It really proves the efficiency of Sea Shine and its benefits for the skin.

BiotechMarine, subsidiary of SEPPIC, is specialized in high-tech bioactive natural substances, extracted from seaweeds and marine plants. It proposes to the cosmetics laboratories a wide range of 80 active ingredients, extracts and stem-cells for personal care. Established in France on the northern coast of Brittany since 1988, its expertise in the world of top marine active ingredients and cutaneous engineering is recognized around the world. For 25 years, BiotechMarine’s values remain innovation, safety, efficiency, sustainable development and respect of the biodiversity.

Guénolé LE CALVEZ, BiotechMarine managing director says: “Sea Shine is the result of two specific brown algae sourcing, well known by BiotechMarine and combined to exhibit a lightening effect which was asked from our customers and which allow to extend our product offer.”