SEPPIC presents new results for OLIGOGELINE™PF

  • October 26, 2017
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SEPPIC presents new results for OLIGOGELINE™PF

SEPPIC presents, at In-Cosmetics Asia, new results for  OLIGOGELINE™ PF, a key active ingredient for skin protection faced to microparticles.

OLIGOGELINE™ PF is a cosmetic active ingredient containing carrageenans extracted from a red seaweed (Chondrus crispus) ; and marine minerals. This red seaweed grows at a few meters deep, exposed to extreme conditions (UV, desiccation at low tide, waves), concentrates carrageenans for a better water retention avoiding desiccation.

OLIGOGELINE™PF works as a second skin, forming a natural non occlusive shield to protect from pollution effects. New results reveal that after emulsion application with 3% OLIGOGELINE™PF, then application of 1 micron urban microparticles, then standard rinsing with water only, 78% of microparticles are removed. Protection is about 43% versus non treated skin. Results are significant versus placebo.

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