SEPPIC now on Pinterest!

  • May 19, 2017
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SEPPIC now on Pinterest!

For the benefit of cosmetics players, SEPPIC captures trends around the globe to inspire the cosmetics of the future and shares its know-how in the design of beauty concepts. SEPPIC has been present on Twitter since 2011 and more recently on LinkedIn to influence cosmetics trends and innovation.

SEPPIC is now launching a dedicated Beauty Care Pinterest account. Our boards are motivational playgrounds where our clients can find a different vision and think out of the box by being connected to other sectors not always linked to cosmetic.

Looking for new customer trend? Click on the Xperience board. Stimulate your senses with the Cosmetofood formulas of which textures look like real!

More focused on sustainability? The Ecodesign board is the right tool. “Innovate by saving water” with our 4-in-1 shaving care formula or discover EMOGREEN™, our range of plant-based emollients which are readily biodegradable.

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SEPPIC now on Pinterest!

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