SEPPIC launches SEPIMAT, a new range of cosmetic texturizing agents

  • April 25, 2012
  • 2 minutes of read time

SEPPIC launches SEPIMAT, a new range of cosmetic texturizing agents

With an experience of more than twenty years in the distribution of powder texturizing agents, SEPPIC announces the launch of its own brand, SEPIMAT, globaly commercialized.

This range comprises six products using polymer microbeads of various shapes and sizes that are invisible on the skin. When added to cosmetic formulas amount between 0.5 and 10%, SEPIMAT ensures soft and supple skin and a matte appearance.

Upon application, the SEPIMAT micro-beads glide on the skin and confer a soft and powdery sensation that varies according to the dosage used. Thanks to an optic multidirectional light reflection effect and their ability to absorb high levels of oily compounds, the SEPIMAT micro-beads combat shiny skin with an immediately visible and sustained result.

The range is made up of two categories of micro-beads: solid micro-beads (SEPIMAT P, SEPIMAT CP5 and SEPIMAT SB products) that have the greatest light-reflection effect, and hollow micro-beads (SEPIMAT HB V, SEPIMAT H10 and SEPIMAT H10 FW products) that have a higher absorption capacity.

The range also includes grades that are easily dispersed in water or oil and versatile grades whatsoever the formulation. The wide variety of SEPIMATs are the ideal solution to the restrictions imposed by many formula irrespective of their texture (fluid or butter) or formulation type, be they gels or gel-creams, O/W, W/O or W/Silicone emulsions, anhydrous formulas (compact, stick or lipstick) or powder (free-flowing, cast, pressed). SEPIMAT beads are authorized by cosmetic legislations around the world.

"The defining characteristic of SEPIMAT is that it provides the right balance between a soft skin feel and a matte finish which is ideal for skincare, suncare and make-up formulas alike"

Alicia Roso, texturizing agent product manager at SEPPIC