SEPPIC launches CELEBRITY™, its new technology of macroalgal cell culture.

  • March 4, 2015
  • 2 mins of read time

SEPPIC launches CELEBRITY™, its new technology of macroalgal cell culture.

SEPPIC, through its subsidiary BiotechMarine, marks a major breakthrough in the field of marine biotechnology with CELEBRITY™.

CELEBRITY™ is the world's first technology to cultivate macroalgal cells in the laboratory in order to propose active ingredients for cosmetics.

The sea surrounding France's Bréhat archipelago has a rich biodiversity and contains hundreds of suspended species. With this unlimited potential in mind, CELEBRITY™ has made it possible to create a bank of macroalgal cells from many species whose compositions and effects on skin have yet to be explored.

Using in vitro macroalgal cells culture, which are found in very low quantities in the ocean, SEPPIC is offering a new marine source of active ingredients.

With this breakthrough innovation, SEPPIC is strengthening its position as a leading supplier of cosmetic active ingredients by combining scientific creativity with reliability. SEPPIC is launching a new generation of active ingredients for cosmetics using this new technology.

Erwan Le Gélébart, R&D Project Manager at BiotechMarine: "We look for the beneficial properties contained in rare macroalgae and little-known species. Our Research & Development team has developed unique methods for macroalgal cell cultivation. This is a major innovation for the world of cosmetic active ingredients."