SEPPIC inspires its customers with sustainable solutions for Hair Care!

  • April 4, 2018
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SEPPIC inspires its customers with sustainable solutions for Hair Care!

SEPPIC introduces a new inspiring formula during its technical seminar “Sustainability in Hair Care, a real Trend!” at In-Cosmetics Global Amsterdam, on Wednesday April 18th at 4PM, theatre 1.

The hair care market is more and more demanding. Consumers expect specific products with an immediate perceived benefit and have a growing environmental concern. The hair care industry is facing challenges to combine sensoriality, performance and sustainability!

To be a source of inspiration for its customers has always been important for SEPPIC. Because sustainability should not compromise product performance and sensoriality, SEPPIC introduces the Daily Beautifying Hair Serum.

This serum texture is based on an association of 3 complementary ingredients: EMOGREEN L15TM, FLUIDIFEEL TM EASY and SEPIMAX ZENTM . EMOGREENTML15 is a biodegradable, renewable and non polar oil. A real alternative to silicone oils in hair care, it brings shine and eases the combing. FLUIDIFEELTMEASY i s a glycolipidic O/W sustainable emulsifier, from 100% vegetable origin and Mass Balance certified (BVC-RSPO-1-1972708497). It is processable at room temperature for time and energy saving. SEPIMAX ZENTM is used in small quantity to texturize and stabilize the formula, and to increase its sprayability performance.

XYLISHINETM adds hydrating properties to the product: this botanical inspired active ingredient is made of an association of natural sugars derived mainly from wood and the brown algae Pelvetia canaliculata.

This minimalist formula offers a high naturality content (99,6% - ISO 16128) and a good biodegradability (97,3% - amount of water or readily biodegradable ingredients presents in mixture ) - out for preservative and perfume. It is produced at room temperature and is easily sprayable.

It sensorial properties on dry hair have been compared to a siliconed hair serum of the market. Volunteers have prefered the Daily Beautifying Hair Serum for the shine, lightness, non-oily feel and residual absence on hair. 90% of them declared they would use this product.

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