EMOSMART™* & EMOGREEN™**, sustainable emollients connected to emotions

  • March 30, 2017
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EMOSMART™* & EMOGREEN™**, sustainable emollients connected to emotions

At 2017 In-Cosmetics fair scheduled April 4th to April 6th in London (England), SEPPIC comes back to the environmental and sensory assets of its two emollient ranges, EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™.

EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™, launched in April 2016, are inert, non polar and readily biodegradable, affordable oils. Moreover, EMOGREEN™ is from sustainable and traceable plant origin (non GMO).

EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ have a significantly lower impact on the environment than the silicone oils. Carbon footprint calculation shows a decrease of 85% for EMOSMART™ and 115% for EMOGREEN™ compared to silicones.

Already recognized as very innovative emollients, new data show their sensory assets during the application based on volatile silicone and alkanes. Indeed, EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ fluidity combined with their affinity with the skin allows an easy spreading of the cosmetic products, with an outstanding gliding sensation.

Tested by apanel of experts, EMOGREEN™ distinguishes itself not only by its sustainability but also for its outstanding sensory. Compared to volatile silicone oils, the formula is more shiny in the jar, the touch is more comfortable completed with a powdery and matte finish.

EMOSMART™ L19 stands out with its capacity to decrease the formulation’s stickiness.

EMOGREEN™ L15 gives the skin an immediate matte aspect whereas EMOSMART™ C28 is the best candidate to follow the asian illuminating cares trend, also called “dewy”.

Sabrina Mizaël, Emollients & Emulsifiers Product Manager at SEPPIC underlines: "These two ranges represent the future of emollients as they are environmentally friendly and give a whole palette of sensations and emotions


* GEMSEAL® Specialty Alkane

** GEMSEAL® BioLife Natural Alkane

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