Athleisure Beauty, Seppic’s newest cosmetic formulas take their inspiration from sports

  • April 3, 2018
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Athleisure Beauty, Seppic’s newest cosmetic formulas take their inspiration from sports

At the In-Cosmetics Amsterdam trade show, to be held on April 17-19, 2018, Seppic will unveil its new Athleisure Beauty collection featuring new formulas inspired by sports.

The Athleisure trend​, a consolidation of the words athlete and leisure, is more than a style. Originally, the world of fashion capitalized on the sportswear movement by creating practical and aesthetic clothing inspired by athletes. A genuine consumer craze was born, leading to the appearance of the word "athleisure" in the English language dictionary. Today, this phenomenon has become a way of life that combines fashion, sports, and balanced nutrition to achieve mind-body balance.

This year, Seppic takes hold of this trend and, with the help of its laboratories, draws inspiration from various sports (running, dancing, skiing, cycling, hiking, and cross country training) to offer products adapted to different lifestyles.

Hiking appeals to people who care about the environment . A nomadic sport, hiking requires carrying one’s own equipment. Pocket Shower responds to this need. A non-rinse spray, it offers a new way to keep the body clean. A natural cleanser (97.1%**) that is biodegradable (96.7%***), this rapid and practical solution can be used without water. Pocket Shower gently cleanses the skin after a hard day of hiking with the active ingredient FLUIDIPURE™ 8G. The emulsifier FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY stabilizes the emulsion, facilitates gentle cleansing, and leaves a sensation of comfort. A low dose of the polymer SEPIMAX ZEN™ gives texture to this fluid spray emulsion.

Trail running , which involves running in the mountains, is an endurance sport that seeks mind-body harmony. Its practitioners use slow cosmetics based on essential oils. Recharge Your Skin's Battery is a light and fresh formula made from essential oils that are used after sports to relax and cool tired muscles (peppermint) and soothe the skin (eucalyptus and wintergreen). The active ingredient SEPITONIC™ M3.0 boosts the oxygen uptake of the skin to promote recovery. The combination of the polymers SEPIMAX

ZEN™ and SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 stabilizes the cream gel rich in active ingredients and alcohol (8%) as well as the mix of menthol and essential oils (1.5%). The emollient EMOGREEN™ L15 reinforces the overall comfort by forming a light veil that is quickly absorbed at the skin’s surface. With a non-sticky feel after application (proven by a panel of experts and 80 consumers), this cream gel is a welcome and relaxing break before the next athletic challenge!

Dance is a demanding sport that is all about self-control . Technique and appearance must be perfect for the show. Twist Your Face, a color-correcting tint with an anti-red primer, responds to the needs of dancers looking for quick and effective fix that produces perfect-looking skin. The polymer SEPIPLUS™ S stabilizes and disperses the green pigments of the formula to erase the redness caused by exertion. The patented technology GELTRAP™ offers cool relief and glides on easily, ideal for performance. Cool, light, and efficient, this corrector is everything required in a dance accessory!

Athleisure is a global phenomenon, integrated into our lives at multiple levels. Seppic is innovating, inspiring its clients via its Athleisure Beauty textured bar and inviting users to rediscover its ingredients to create a complete sports program that suits every lifestyle: the starting signal for the new collection of 2018.

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