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EU07485A - Huile triphasique naturelle soin capillaire - sans silicones

EU07485A - Natural tri-phase oil

EU07485A - Hair treatment - Formulated without silicones

Ratio oily/aqueous phases: oily phase 70% & aqueous phase 30%.

(superior phase: non polar oil, intermediate phase: polar oily phase, inferior phase: aqueous phase)

EMOGREEN™ L15(1) & Castor Oil(2) are easy to separate because it is almost not miscible. The solubility limit is exceeded (90(1)/10(2)) in order to get both oily phases separated.

EMOGREEN™ L15 decreases the greasy & the rich skinfinish of the castor oil, known for its fortifying & nourishing properties. It decreases also the oxidation formula risks.

FLUIDANOV™ 20X dose is optimised to give clear separation between the oily/aqueous interface without emulsifying the phases.

XYLISHINE™ shines & strengthens the hair. It contains some sugars, ie. glycols with short chains, giving a more defined interface to the formula. 

Tips: a low amount of salt NaCl allows to obtain larger water droplets because it breaks water OH liaisons. Water is re-separating quicker with a clear interface after mixing.

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EU07485A - Natural tri-phase oil

  • April 2, 2018
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