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US20085 - Natural hair conditioner

US20085 - Natural hair conditioner


This natural hair conditioner easily detangles and moisturises hair.

MONTANOVTM 202 emulsifies and stabilises the 20% of oily phase. SOLAGUMTM TARA thickens the emulsion, while providing an excellent skin feel. The non-ionic nature of SOLAGUMTM TARA makes it easy to use in hair care products.

AQUAXYLTM moisturises hair and scalp while EMOGREENTM L19 eases the product spreading and leaves soft and shiny hair.

A test has been performed with a Diastron on three hair tresses of damaged caucasian hair comparing this formula with and without the cationic agent Cetrimonium Chloride (1% AM). Results show a small combing improvement (+4%) by Cetrimonium Chloride addition : this conditioner doesn’t need cationic agent to detangle hair.

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US20085 - Natural hair conditioner

US20085 - Natural hair conditioner

  • January 29, 2020
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