Multifunctional polymers
Drivers of innovation for topical formulation


Looking for formulation solutions to achieve API solubilization, targeted skin delivery and optimized texture?

Sepineo™ polymers put their thickening, stabilizing-emulsifying and texturizing properties on the line for you to build the most suitable dosage form, from gel to O/W emulsion, lotions, cream-gel, Gel-in-Oil Geltrap™, …

The multifunctional pharmaceutical liquid polymer The first pharmaceutical liquid polymer

-Perfect stability over a wide pH range of 3-12
- Compatibility with various API

- Excellent solution for high levels of solvents and mix solvents: ethanol, glycerin…
- Stabilizing more than 30% of any kind of oil
- Perfect shear resistance
- Texture improvement, driving the aspect, rheological and sensory profiles

Our leader polymer

SEPINEO™ P 600 - Liquid polymer



Open up new possibilities A versatile and concentrated powder polymer

Sepineo™ D.E.R.M share similar properties to Sepineo™ P 600 while expanding the range of possibilities:

-  Lotions: 15% oil stabilization even at low viscosity
-  Sprayable from low to moderate viscosities
-  Anhydrous formulation with improved texture
-  Tolerance profile compatible with gingival applications

Our innovative polymer

SEPINEO™ D.E.R.M - Powder polymer



The most robust solution An innovative associative polymer

-  Up to 10% addition of electrolytes without viscosity loss
-  Formulation of ionic APIs even at high concentrations
-  Ideal for API combinations
Stability over a wide pH range of 2-8
-  High solvent thickening power


Our robust polymer

SEPINEO™ PHD 100 - Powder polymer

Formulation insights

Formulation insights


From how to formulate poorly-soluble APIs, building a stable dosage form to ensuring optimal patient compliance, these to-the-point articles are there to help you reach your formulation targets.

Seppic Laboratory Formulas

Seppic Laboratory Formulas

Looking to fast-track your product development?
Our formulas are there to provide your practical examples of formulation of major topical excipients and APIs, as well as excipients selection advices based on your project requirements.