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Ready-to-use adjuvant for vaccine water-in-oil emulsions dedicated to oral route

MONTANIDE™ GR is an oily adjuvant containing a protective matrix. Emulsified at a 70/30 ratio, it renders a water-in-oil vaccine emulsion easy to mix with the feed of the target animal.

MONTANIDE™ GR - Applications

MONTANIDE™ GR contains a matrix which traps the antigen to protect it from the gastric environment. Thus the antigen can be released into the intestine where it can interact with the immune cells. That makes MONTANIDE™ GR an ideal adjuvant for oral vaccination.

The palatability and safety in salmon and tilapia have been confirmed in the field.  MONTANIDE™ GR can formulate oral vaccines for other species with monogastric digestive systems such as swine, poultry or companion animals. 

First results in Tilapia fish vaccination showed improved protection.

Vaccine preparation with MONTANIDE™ GR

We recommend starting with the vaccine emulsion preparation, then, in a second time, to mix it with the feed of the target animal.

To obtain a water-in-oil stable emulsion, MONTANIDE™ GR and the aqueous phase must be emulsified with a high shear agitation, at room temperature, with a ratio of 70/30.

Then, you can coat the pellets with the vaccine emulsion.


Safety data sheet