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Magnesium carbonate for direct compression

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 is a magnesium carbonate offering an excellent aptitude for direct compression and very good flowing properties.

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 is the perfect ingredient for the formulation of dietary supplements in the form of tablets or capsules. It can be used as a source of magnesium, a compression excipient and a filler.


MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 is a magnesium carbonate, co-granulated with pregelatinized corn starch. It is a granulated powder extremely consistent in particle size and range from batch to batch.

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 has unique properties making it particularly attractive in the formulation of tablets and capsules:

  • Source of magnesium:

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 contains 90% magnesium carbonate, which equals to 22.50g of Mg per 100g of MAGNI-PRESS™ 90.

  • Excellent compressibility and rapid disintegration:

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 can be used in the manufacture of tablets by direct compression, providing excellent hardness to tablets without impacting disintegration or dissolution times.

  • High density and good flow:

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 is suitable for high dose and high speed tableting, ensuring a fluid process.

  • Less abrasive particles:

Use of MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 helps reduce wear on compression equipment and extend tableting tool life.

  • Optimized production costs:

MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 helps reduce processing costs and time by avoiding an additional granulation step.


Particle Dynamics International LLC is an American company with strong expertise in encapsulated products and speciality ingredients for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.

SEPPIC distributes MAGNI-PRESS™ 90 in certain specific countries in Europe and Africa. Contact us for information.


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