Laëtitia - Cosmetic Regulatory Technician

  • March 6, 2023
  • 5 minutes of read time

Laëtitia - Cosmetic Regulatory Technician

Summarize your career in a few lines

I am currently Cosmetic Regulatory Technician at Seppic, based in Pontrieux, Brittany.

In 2000, I obtained my BTS in International Trade and then continued my studies with an additional year at the Ecole Supérieure des Pays de la Loire. During this year, I did an internship in Santiago de Chile. At the age of only 21, I had the opportunity to work in a big retail group: not always easy to find a place as a young woman student in a foreign company and an unknown field of activity. I was immediately integrated in a mainly male team, and I still remember that it was not an easy thing at the beginning. But I am still proud of this internship because I managed to show flexibility and adaptability which allowed me to be well respected. This experience made me understand that even if we have to change some of our behaviors to fit in a team, we must above all remain ourselves.

In October 2001, back in France, I found a job as an export assistant in a small company located in the Côtes d'Armor region, specializing in the export of poultry to Benin. Finally, on April 15, 2002, I started my career at the Pontrieux site as a Technical Assistant, then in Regulatory Affairs, and finally in 2018, I am directly attached to the Corporate Regulatory Affairs.

Why did you want to do this job?

When I was a teenager, I always said that I would be a lawyer when I grew up. I have always loved the legal field, helping others. I grew up in a military family so the law, rigor and organization have always been family values. Also, because of my education, I have the chance to say that I have a culture of open-mindedness. At the age of 15, I attended a court hearing to discover the specificities of the legal profession. Maybe still too young, when I came out of the hearing, which was very intense, I understood that this profession was not for me. I therefore took the linguistic and commercial route, which I do not regret today.

Adaptability, rigor, organizational skills and curiosity have enabled me to learn a lot at Seppic. The company trusted me, the field of activity is fascinating. I was able to learn on the job, complete my commitments and be a force of proposal. So, the opportunity I had to work in the regulatory affairs department is just right for me.

What drives you in your daily life?

I have always wanted to do a job that emphasizes human relations. My interpersonal skills allow me to have very good exchanges with my colleagues on a daily basis. You can learn a lot from others, and within Seppic and my own team, thanks to their expertise, I gain maturity, skill and confidence. There is no routine, there are different themes to manage with different personalities. Also, very enriching projects to be carried out as a team.  What I also like is that I can combine my professional and personal life. As a mother of two children aged 10 and 14, it is essential for me to have the right balance. During the day I work, at the end of the day I focus on my children and sports activities to recharge my batteries. I organize my schedule to dedicate time slots to each activity.

What are you most proud of? What would you say is your greatest achievement?

I joined the team dedicated to an internal safety initiative in 2020 during Covid 19's first health crisis. We were very united in the team because it was a difficult year. At the end of the first containment, we built a questionnaire to obtain the feeling of each collaborator on the way of managing the sanitary crisis, what went well or less well. We then processed the results anonymously and shared them with our HR department and management, then exchanged information with all employees. Through this group, this caring community, we proved that listening and mutual aid were an integral part of our company.

What has been your biggest challenge in your professional life?

One of my greatest challenges achieved within Seppic in Pontrieux remains in my eyes the Halal certification of the entire site in 2017, following the strong demand from our customers. A successful performance thanks to the support and collaboration of all my colleagues: I really had the support of all. This certification also allowed me to gain confidence and to tell myself that nothing is impossible. I would like to thank the whole team as well as my manager at the time for this great challenge, which was made possible thanks to their support.

How has Seppic accompanied you throughout your career?

Since the takeover of my former company by Seppic in January 2013, my missions and responsibilities have evolved. The support and confidence of my various managers have enabled me to commit myself to my missions on a daily basis. Today, within the corporate regulatory team, I owe the desire to move forward and challenge myself to my manager and the team.  There is a very good team spirit, a benevolent attitude, which is really appreciated. I work with a team of experts every day and I learn every day. By working in a team, you get to know each other and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a young woman starting out in her professional life, what would it be?

When thinking about your career, don't think about how others will look at you, "dare" to do the things you really want to do or that you dream of doing. It is important to reconcile personal and professional life, to create a life where we have the freedom and power to realize our personal and unique dreams in order to find true happiness, balance and fulfillment. To be in a dynamic, constructive, resilient state of mind and above all not to be afraid of change.