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EU07544P High Solvent Mix Content ( 60%) Aqueous Gel

EU07546P High Solvent Mix Content Emulsion (> 60%)

Associating stabilization of high solvent quantities and robust dosage form

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Polar solvents are often necessary to ensure API solubilization. However they can also lead to thickening and stabilizing challenges as well as a negative texture impact when used at high concentration

Associating SEPINEO™ P 600 and SEPINEO™ SE 68 means combining a strong solvent thickening power with a very stable emulsion conformation, to build a robust dosage form to solubilize your APIs.

With SEPINEO™ P 600 and SEPINEO™ SE 68

Stabilization of high amounts of solvent mix (> 60%)

SEPINEO™ P 600 and SEPINEO™ SE 68 both exhibit strong stabilizing properties of polar solvents, including PEG 400, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, propylene glycol, ethanol, …

Increased stability thanks to a bi-layered emulsifier organization

SEPINEO™ SE 68 adopts a lamellar bi-layer conformation around oil droplets, preventing coalescence and increasing the viscoelastic character of emulsions.

Increased stability thanks to polymer addition

Its liquid form and shear resistance make for an easy addition at any stage of formulation.

Emulsifier structure resilient to pH variations 

The ether-glucoside bond at the core of SEPINEO™ SE 68 makes for robust emulsions over a wide pH range (3 - 11), while its non-ionic nature makes it compatible with any nature of API (anionic, cationic, amphoteric, …).