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EU07544P High Solvent Mix Content ( 60%) Aqueous Gel

EU07544P High Solvent Mix Content (> 60%) Aqueous Gel

Strong thickening capabilities of solvents and solvent mix

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Polar solvents are often necessary to ensure API solubilization. However they can also lead to thickening and stabilizing challenges as well as a negative texture impact when used at high concentration 

To help you achieve an optimal API solubilization, the SEPINEO™ polymers can stabilize high amounts of any kind of solvents  in a wide range of dosage forms.

With SEPINEO™  P 600

Strong thickening power of solvents (> 60% solvent mix)

As an inverse latex polymer SEPINEO™ P 600 has strong thickening capacities of polar solvents, including PEG 400, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, propylene glycol, ethanol, in a wide range of dosage forms (gel, emulsion, cream-gel, Gel-in-oil emulsion …)

Easy-to-use & flexible polymer

  • No neutralization
  • Strong performance over a wide pH range (3 - 12)
  • Room-temperature or hot process, low or high shear equipment