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HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE - magnesium - marine origin - tablet - capsule - high density


Excellent magnesium oxide for direct compression and capsules

HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE is an extremely pure and dense magnesium oxide with excellent compression properties.

From marine origin, it guarantees a minimal magnesium oxide content of 98%.

It may be used in dietary supplements as a dense source of magnesium and as a filler. Its very high density and its particle form make it ideal for direct compression and capsule filling.


Our HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE has an extremely high bulk density, much higher than that of other heavy magnesium oxides, which makes it an excellent filler.

Our HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE has a bulk density around 1 g/mL when standard heavy magnesium oxides are close to 0.25 g/l.

Its granule form makes it very easy to handle: the granules are resistant to friction caused by transportation and do not break down to powder.


Our HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE offers several benefits for supplements formulation, particularly tablets and capsules. It can also be used in sticks.

  • Small daily dose:

Thanks to its high density and magnesium content, tablets and capsules made with HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE can bring substantial amounts of magnesium in a smaller dose.

  • Marine origin:

As the magnesium in HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE is of marine origin, it is well adapted to answer the current demand for consumer friendly labels.

  • Compliant with E-number:

HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE complies with current E530 purity criteria applicable to food applications, including food supplements.

HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE is also EP (European Pharmacopeia) compliant.

  • Easy to formulate and process:

Compression using HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE can be done with low compression force while maintaining a good tablet hardness, which slows down the wear-and-tear of tableting machines, especially with such abrasive particles as magnesium oxide. Comparison data with other magnesium oxide show the superiority in tabletting processes.

Its good flowability and very high density makes it an excellent choice for capsules filling.

Homogeneity of the formulations is also improved due to its specific particles.


KYOWA Chemicals is a Japanese company specialized in high quality magnesium salts.

KYOWA Chemicals manufactures HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE according to pharma GMP.

SEPPIC distributes HEAVY MAGNESIUM OXIDE from Kyowa Chemicals in several European countries.


Safety Data Sheet

KYOWA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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