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happy skin


Inside & Out concept

Happy Skin is a new well-being experience, addressing skin & mind through emotion. Efficacy is realized by a face cream & nutritive gummies for a global inside & out routine.

A combination of two actives : CERAMOSIDES™ HP protects the skin from loss of elasticity & TIMECODE™ which targets key aging markers

ORAMIX™ CG 110 creates air bubbles. (

SEPIMAX ZEN™ allows air bubble stabilization to create this foam texture thanks to its suspension properties. 
LANOL P also supports the foamy emulsion stability.

MONTANOV™ 202 creates this airy emulsion but also supports skin moisturization over time by promoting liquid crystals.

EMOGREEN™ L15 & EMOGREEN™ L19 are combined to optimize the application playtime while leaving a soft and powdery skin feel.

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Formulated with COSMOS approved ingredients

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happy skin

EU07605 Happy skin

  • May 26, 2020
  • PDF - 526.77 KB

HAPPY SKIN Formula, Laboratory Production Process

HAPPY SKIN EU07605 - Texture & Performances