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EU07569 - Gourmand BB Cream

EU07569 - Gourmand BB Cream

Comfortable tinted emulsion

GOURMAND BB CREAM brings a natural tinted cover but also wellbeing feeling thanks to a comfortable skin feel during application.

The combination of SENSANOV™ WR and MONTANOV™ 202 creates a light emulsion with a smooth texture and a powdery and velvety finish. EMOGREEN™ L 15 reinforces the powdery skin feel and brings lightness during application with a good glide-on.

SEPIPLUS™ S and SOLAGUM™ AX stabilize the formula and allow a good pigments spreadability on the skin. SEPIPLUS™ S also thickens the emulsion and participates to the comfort sensation during application. SOLAGUM™ AX and SENSANOV™ WR have film forming properties in favor of long-lasting make-up.

SEPILIFT™ DPHP reduces the appearance of visible signs of aging and brings a plumping effect. AQUAXYL™ in synergy with glycerin moisturizes and restructures deeply the skin.

A true plus in your Make-up bag, this non-oily gourmand cream unifies skin complexion with a real comfort sensation!

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EU07569 - Gourmand BB Cream

EU07569 - Gourmand BB Cream

  • June 28, 2019
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