"Blue Beauty", the new formula kit by Seppic for responsible beauty

  • January 13, 2023
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"Blue Beauty", the new formula kit by Seppic for responsible beauty

During the COSMET'AGORA show on January 10 and 11, 2023, Seppic presented its new collection of seven formulas around the "Blue Beauty" trend. 

Blue Beauty highlights the interconnection between people and their environment and how each can interact with the other. Sustainable development must be holistic, cooperative and take into account all stakeholders, from the use of raw materials to the use of the final product. The objective of Blue Beauty is thus to respect and preserve nature, in particular the oceans, while offering high-performance, safe and innovative beauty products. 

The formulas presented at Cosmet'agora 2023 have been developed to inspire formulators through three axes:

1 - Use less water. For this, Seppic offers an oily formula and an anhydrous balm. The balm has been proposed to the Cosmet'agora formulation contest for its multipurpose moisturizing, purifying and deodorant potential with high naturality (> 99% according to ISO 16128). This melting formula is composed of just over 50% Emogreen™ L19 and 10% Sepifine™ BB, two texturizing agents that provide a light and non-greasy feel, despite an anhydrous composition.  

2 - Preserve the oceans from pollution. To address this, Seppic has come up with two formulas. The first, a powder shower gel to be reconstituted, composed of easily biodegradable ingredients including Proteol™ APL EF, a mild anionic surfactant, inspired by the characteristic aminogram of the apple, and generating a creamy foam. The second, an SPF 50 sunscreen with fat-soluble UV filters and formulated with Sensanov™ WR, an emulsifier with film-forming and water-resistant properties.    

3 - Have more transparent sourcing. The three formulas offered feature active ingredients sourced in Brittany at the Seppic site in Pontrieux. Codiavelane™ BG PF, a green algae extract with moisturizing properties, is indeed sourced and produced in this same region and incorporates a transparent bluish gel formula evoking the ocean. Furthermore, Celtosome™ Crithmum maritimum and Celtosome™ Eryngium maritimumare derived from the plant cell culture technology, Celtosome™. Developed respectively from sea fennel and sea holly, they help target skin regeneration as well as radiance and fit perfectly into a texture for mature skin. Finally, a spa treatment formula with Breton seaweed flakes completes this kit. 

Over the past few decades, the beauty industry has evolved and begun to better address consumer concerns about safety, health and the environment. Blue Beauty is the latest step in this evolution. More information on this trend and formulas are available upon request.

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