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US20087A Glass skin gel poster

US20087A - Glass skin gel

A clear blue-green gel intensely moisturizing for the skin

Replenish your skin with water and achieve a glass skin effect: naturally glowing and reflecting light.

A moisturizing aqueous gel suitable for mix complexion!

SEPIMAX ZEN™ creates a crystal clear gel

AQUAXYL™ boosts hyaluronic acid and ceramides natural content for immediate and long-term hydration

CODIAVELANE™ BG PF & OLIGOGELINE™ PF with their algae association fill and lock moisture in the skin.:

  • CODIAVELANE™ BG PF algae extract from the Emerald sea
  • OLIGOGELINE™ PF forms a non occlusive film to seal moisture in the skin

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US20087A Glass skin gel GB

US20087A - Glass skin gel

  • June 14, 2022
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