Waterless beauty, a sustainable solution

  • April 15, 2021
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Waterless Beauty, a sustainable solution

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Water has become a global issue with increased consumption by +600% in 50 years* for domestic needs due to population growth. In 2020, 25% of humanity suffers from water stress, we will be at 40% by 2050**. The entire cosmetics industry must find more sustainable solutions to preserve this vital resource.

The benefits of anhydrous cosmetics.

Anhydrous cosmetics, formulated without or with less preservatives, have several benefits besides the economy of this vital resource. These formats usually use less packaging and less plastic and generate less waste. In addition, anhydrous products have competitive advantages over conventional products for many equivalent or even higher uses: smaller and lighter, less energy-intensive in terms of transport, more concentrated and often more economical.

Even if the market is still anecdotal, it responds to several current concerns such as minimalism with simple formulas without superfluous, nomadicity because these products, often compact, can follow us in all our travels and of course the environmental responsibility.

Sustainable solid shampoo (EU07661)

This solid shampoo meets this demand for new, more durable gestures. The combination of three surfactants derived from amino acids or sugars, allows without alkyl-ether sulfate, to obtain a creamy, abundant and stable foam for more pleasure to use. Formulated without silicones, it also offers a high content of natural ingredients (86.7%) and easily biodegradable ingredients (97%). The integration of vegetable alkane as an alternative to volatile silicones oils, allows to bring shine to the hair without weighing it down. Our multifunctional active ingredient based on a complex of sugars provides hydration to the hair fiber while improving the softness and volume of foam.

Let his imagination run wild.

In terms of formulation, it is now technically feasible to decline all our daily products in water-free cosmetics. These formulas are very innovative as they experiment with new textures or gestures: solid shampoo, cleansing balm, cleansing powder, washing clay, chewable toothpaste, DIY powder mask ... New shapes for new beauty routines.

The challenge for brands today is to convince consumers to change their habits by offering such powerful, sensory and visually attractive products. To this is added the technicality of formulating this type of products and the industrial know-how.

Cica stick (US20105)

Initially developed for makeup, the sticks have conquered other sectors such as skincare or solar. Allowing direct application by avoiding contact with the hands, they are booming. Small, nomadic and practical, the day care becomes stick to moisturize and nourish the skin daily. A blend of sensory emulsifiers, biodegradable and complementary emollients, consistency agents and butter, this formula offers softness and comfort. Enriched with an original combination of ceramides and natural omegas, the skin retains its hydration and elasticity.

What commitments for Seppic?

Preserving the essential resource of water is one of Seppic’s main areas of work. We are currently working to reduce water consumption at our production sites.

Reduction de la consommation d'eau (GB)

To save drinking water, wesource™ scientists have explored new sources of water. HYDRALIXIR™ is a collection of eco-designed fresh water from the heart of algae cells. A range that combines sustainable sourcing, responsible production and naturality, to meet the expectations of formulators, as well as those of eco-consumers, all over the world.

Finally, we are developing increasingly biodegradable ingredients to limit the impact on marine pollution. We guarantee the safety of our ingredients without compromising on their sensory efficiency.

Sources: *Aquastat 2015, **World resource institute 2019