The new beauty routines for lockdown skin

  • January 12, 2021
  • 3 minutes of read time

The new beauty routines for lockdown skin

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Hair care

Since a few months, wearing a mask has become a daily gesture. Depending on our activities, we can wear it for whole days continuously, which is not without consequences for the quality of our skin. Indeed, this forced and prolonged lockdown of our pores inevitably leads to redness, dryness or even acne depending on each skin type. To fight against these inconveniences, there is only one solution: adapt your beauty routine!

Which beauty routine for dry skin?

Underneath the mask, dry skin will mainly suffer from a dehydration increase but also from irritations mainly on the cheekbones. Tightness and redness can be fought off with the use of moisturizing skin care products, in particular strengthening the skin's hydrolipidic barrier. They can be combined with soothing treatments, for a complete face application or even more localized in the friction mask areas.

Over the period from August 2019 to July 2020, 59% of the skin care products launched on the European market claim a moisturizing action, against 57% over the same period 4 years ago. This makes it the main claim in the face care category.


This facial moisturizer hydrates and restructures the skin. It improves water reserves, boosts circulation through the different cellular layers and strengthens its lipid barrier in order to limit the insensitive loss of water. It also contains Centella asiatica extract with soothing properties, ideal for sensitive skin. Its fluid and light texture offers a unique sensory experience and leaves a soft and comfortable veil on the skin. Finally, its composition meets the “Clean Cosmetics” codes. Formulated without PEG, it also offers a very high natural origin content (NOC-99%) and a high percentage of easily biodegradable ingredients (99%).

What routine for acne-prone skin?

The main consequence of wearing continuously a mask for oily skin is of course the excessive sebum production, leading to more or less severe acne and commonly called "maskne". In order to limit the imperfections, it is important to scrupulously respect a good face cleansing routine with a gentle face cleanser, every morning and evening. A wide range of skin care products dedicated to oily skin and claiming an anti-acne action are available on the market, they are particularly adapted to this skin problem.

Over the period from August 2019 to July 2020, 6% of skin care products launched on the European market claim an anti-acne action.


Perfect cushion care is an anti-blemish treatment intended for local application, it is used with a "cushion" applicator. Enriched with Harungana leaves extract, a Madagascan tree, it effectively fights against pimples and blackheads. It also offers a soothing and brightening action, limiting the appearance of acne-related spots and scars.

Its gel-cream texture allows rapid absorption and leaves no greasy residue on the skin. Perfect Cushion Care is the ally of lockdown combination to oily skin!

What can we do to hide redness and blemishes?

Imperfections and redness can be immediately concealed with the use of a wisely-chosen makeup. Complexion products with good coverage can be effective, green concealers whose color counteracts redness can be especially suitable. In order to be effective throughout the day, these products need to be compatible with mask wear by being resistant to both friction and sweat.


Twist Your Face is a green foundation. Thanks to its very good sweat resistance, good coverage and long wear, it is compatible with mask wear and effectively corrects redness or skin imperfections. Its unique texture offers freshness during application, for a unique sensory experience ideal for lockdown skin.

During this sanitary crisis, hygiene and skincare reassert their central position in our beauty routines. A few makeup products are also key to provide immediate effective solutions to the inconvenience of mask wear. The beauty routine customization, to meet the specific needs of each skin, has become more than ever the key to a perfect complexion.