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EU07553 - Fixative make-up spray

EU07553 - Fixative make-up spray

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FIXATIVE MAKE-UP SPRAY is the solution to fix make up all day and remain confident in your daily life!

SEPINOV™ EMT 10 texturizes and stabilizes the formula while bringing a good sprayability. This polymer brings also a satin and fresh touch without sticky effect.

OLIGOGELINE™ PF, in association with SOLAGUM™ AX, maintains make-up by a protective film formation. OLIGOGELINE™ PF also protects the skin from pollution effects.

EQUIBIOME™ balances the skin microbiota for harmonious skin!

HYDRALIXIR™ CC is an eco-design product coming from an algae extraction, it reduces freshwater footprint of responsible cosmetic formulations.

Your beauty enhancement is protected by a delicate veil. A fast gesture for a long-lasting make-up!

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EU07553 - Fixative make-up spray

EU07553 - Fixative make-up spray

  • June 28, 2019
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