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Festive season & party time

The festive season is celebrated in many ways across the globe from November to February. From Diwali celebration for Hindus, Hanukkah for Jewish communities, Christmas for Christians, Chinese Lunar New Year, to watching fireworks on the Sydney Opera House or counting down the last minutes of the year on Times Square, this special moment of the year filled with joy always brings friends and family together.

“PREP & PRIME” to get that glowy look during the festive season!

The end of the year can bring signs of tiredness on the skin and make it look dull. On top of that, holidays and overindulgence are also impacting the skin which is at the mercy of social events and diet excess. In order to be ready and not being hit by the bad consequences affecting your skin, preparation is key!

To prepare your skin to party, use Insta Aging Fluid Serum. This light and fresh cream-gel combines long term benefits and immediate effect for a “selfie-ready” skin! This serum is enriched with TALADVANCE™. Your skin will love this Centella asiatica extract rich in triterpenes & polyphenols! It boosts skin glow after 28 days for a lasting blooming effect. Skin uniformity and complexion are also significantly improved after only 30 minutes of application (+58% radiance). This serum contains as well SEPIFINE™ BB, a texturizing powder, that improves oil absorption for an instant mattifying effect. Healthy glow, non-shiny and soft skin warranty for the D-day!

New Year New You?

It’s time to get on that good resolution list and the first point is to take care of yourself. On top of the Festive Skincare collection, Seppic is offering a Green Detox Smoothie recipe to boost the Inside/Out beauty effect. Combining skin care grade CERAMOSIDES™ HP and nutrition active CERAMOSIDES™ NEUTRA or OIL for a hydrated, plumped and radiant skin throughout this new year.

Seppic wishes you a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Holiday excesses and late night for New Year have impacts on your skin. No worries, Seppic has developed an after-party cure: Skin Rehab! It is THE solution to detox, revitalizes and rehydrates tired skins.

This sprayable emulsion, created by FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY and stabilized by a combination of SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 and SEPIMAX ZEN™, has light skin feel. SEPIFINE™ BB, together with EMOGREEN™ L15,  leaves a soft veil on skin and mattifies it. The formula contains BIOPLASMA™ FA, that improves cell detoxification by boosting the activity of proteasomes and increasing recycling of oxidized proteins Make a clean break in your cells! Furthermore AQUAXYL™ used at 1.5% in combination with 3% of glycerin rehydrates your skin immediately and until 7 days.

Your skin looks rested, pure and rehydrated: you are ready to start this new year at your best!


Looking good at parties is a must, and make-up is crucial, especially for New Year’s eve where glitters can be seen everywhere and on every face. Strong sparkles intensity and long lasting are the properties that party animals will be looking for in their eye shadows in order to stay impeccable until the first dawn of the year!

SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 is a versatile and efficient rheological agent used to develop from sprayable, extra-liquid to very thick formulas. It creates melting textures with a fresh, light and satin skin feel, ideal for premium sensorial textures or make-up.

Seppic took advantage of its properties to create a gel eyeshadow with fresh and non-sticky skin feel. Highly concentrated in glitters, the formula illuminates your eyes with a thousand lights all night long! SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 thickens it and stabilizes the 20% of glitters. Its sensorial profile makes the product very comfortable to wear. The formula also contains 2% of SEPIFINE™ BB that provides a velvety and soft finish. It supports the good spreadability of the formula on skin.

This very special time of the year can be quite stressful for the skin as we tend to be tired and overwhelmed. Seppic and wesource™, its brand dedicated to active ingredients, come up with its own festive collection to tackle every concern from skin preparation to after party detox.