Skin and Formulation, 6th Symposium


Skin and Formulation, 6th Symposium


The Skin and Formulation, 6th Symposium program will treat advances in topical formulations for improved skin delivery and will focus on solutions to today’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

Next on October 2-3rd, Seppic experts will be present in Nantes at booth n°7, to share our latest innovation and expertise on our topical pharmaceutical excipients.

  • First pharmaceutical liquid polymer, providing multifunctional properties such as thickening, emulsifying and texturing capacities   
  • The next generation of versatile and concentrated powdered polymer range designed for API combinations and robust formulations  
  • An multicompendial topical range of Emulsifiers and Solubilizers adapted for global market needs

Discover the program

On this occasion, you will discover an oral presentation illustrating excipient insights to formulate high concentrations of Lidocaine HCl in stable and thick biphasic dosage forms through the use of novel topical polymers.

Benjamin Gavinet Pharm

“Topical formulation of high concentration of cationic-form lidocaine hydrochloride with anionic rheology modifiers”

Presented by Benjamin Gavinet Pharm.D., Topical Formulations Research Scientist - Research & Innovation Unit for Applications