SFC Thursdays 2022


SFC Thursdays 2022


Dear members of the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC), Join us for the virtual “SFC Thursdays” on Thursday, March 3 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Thibault Marchand will give a lecture, inspired by the one given recently at the congress «Lipids & Cosmetics» on the theme:

"Skin surface lipids, key players in skin homeostasis"

Conference summary: 

Skin surface lipids originate from different metabolic pathways of sebocytes, keratinocytes and microbiota. They play a key role in skin homeostasis thanks to different mechanisms which will be outlined. Their physical and chemical properties allow them to act as “mortar” in the "brick and mortar" model described by Peter Elias in the 90s. Via their biochemical characteristics, they are able to induce complex signaling networks at the epidermal level. Finally, they play a role in the microbial ecology, as they impact microbial skin flora composition. Indeed, they are able to act as antibacterial agents. Through this presentation I will introduce the origins of skin surface lipids, their roles in skin homeostasis, their altered metabolism in skin diseases and their impact on skin microbiota composition.

Thibault Marchand, works in Seppic since 2021 in the Research and InnovationApplications Unit. He is in charge of the technical assistance on the active ingredients and the biology of the skin.

Link to register for this free conference exclusively for SFC members: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/