Seppic Beauty Care Live online event 2021 - Paris Time


Seppic Beauty Care Live online event 2021 - Paris Time

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We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming Live digital Event on Thursday 17th June 2021 from 10.00am to 12.00pm, Paris time to discover beauty challenges of tomorrow that you will need to face in the coming years.
Listen to our experts voice through this conferences programme and learn more about the following:


Chantal Amalric

Beauty Care Strategic Marketing Manager & RSPO Coordinator

10.00 - 10.30am Addressing #BeautyTomorrow - a post-covid outlook


Alicia Roso

Scientific Communications Manager

10.30 - 11.00am How do textures and ingredients contribute to emotions?


Alain Milius

External and Regulatory Affairs Director

11.00- 11.30am New Cosmetic Regulation in China : Focus on Ingredients


Marie Ollagnier

UID Excipients

11.30- 12.00pm Eco-design at Seppic for a Conscious Innovation


Plus watch our beauty insights oriented toward 3 themes, a series of available videos on event’s platform between 17th to 30th June 2021 (~10min each in English) 
Here is the list:

Healthy Living:

  • Breathtaking Rituals,  inspiration from the past and traditions
  • Cica hero ingredients from yesterday to today
  • Nutricosmetics, History, market and trends in Europe
  • Skin Microbiota, a way to favor comfort of reactive skins
  • Hydrachrysum™, moisturizer to break the Inflamm’dryness™ viscious circle
  • Lumipod™, a smart Melanin Activator for a safe tan,
  • Montanov™ 202, Bioinspired Emulsifier for visible benefits

Better Living:

  • Solid Cosmetic, The new Challenge
  • CSR, botanical extraction by Serdex
  • Replacing silicone oils in cosmetics products
  • Natural thickeners, Solagum™ range

Super living:

  • Connected Beauty for hydration
  • Customization & Blend-It-Yourself
  • Celtosome™ technology
  • Drop it like it’s hot

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