E-Cosmet’agora 2021


E-Cosmet’agora 2021

The whole Beauty Care team is happy to see you again at the virtual event
E-COSMET’AGORA from 6th to 9th April 2021.

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Come and discover our new collection of 5 formulas dedicated to Silvers developed by our European Technical Service Centers.

Having always been immersed in innovations, the baby boomer generation is now looking for enjoying experiences, while daring to show its real age. Our laboratory has developed 2 cosmetic products targeting this approach. Formula EU07648 Skin Perfect Radiance provides a bright and luminous skin complexion and the Velvet Pro-Ageing Cream  EU07647 is a generous formula designed for mature skin giving more firmness and thickness.

Being completely aware of their new skin and hair needs, Seniors try to take care of themselves and ensure their own well-being through a positive and realistic attitude!  Pure Care Hair Mask EU07638 and Evanescent Night Cream EU07646 have been developed for this expert generation. Serum EU07639 belongs to the offer providing soothing effect and unify tone complexion.

Among this silver collection, Seppic committed through a holistic beauty approach

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