50th Annual ESDR Meeting 2021


50th Annual ESDR Meeting 2021

Virtual event

50th Annual ESDR Meeting, virtual event from 22-25 September 2021.

The 2021 Symposium of the European Society for Dermatological Research promises to be a heady mix of high quality science. For its 50th anniversary, five plenary lecturers will speak on the topics of psoriasis, atopic eczema, skin cancer, genetic disease and cell biology. These keynote speakers will describe the advances in these topics since 1971 and the role played by European skin scientists in these developments.
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Seppic Research and Innovation team will present two e-posters:

  • Poster N°144

“An innovative moisturizer to break inflamm’dryness vicious circle”.

“An Innovative Moisturizer to Break Inflamm’dryness Vicious Circle”.

Authors:  Cécile Bize, Erwan Le Gélébart, Christine Garcia.

Dry skin is the most important concern in skin care worldwide; it manifests itself in daily life through tightness, itching, lack of elasticity, scaly microrelief and an overall discomfort. Dry skin condition is likely to be maintained by a vicious cycle called Inflamm’DrynessTM. Discover the biological mechanisms behind Inflamm’DrynessTM and how an innovative active ingredient obtained by biotechnology acts to break this vicious cycle!

  • Poster N°152
Poster N°152

“Evaluation of the SkinCam, a Connected Portable Camera Device, for the Analysis of Skin Microrelief”

Authors:  Gougeon S1, Hernandez E2, Chevrot N2, Vergne T1, Cherel M1, Prestat-Marquis E1, Valin E2
1-Newtone Technologies, 13 bis place Jules Ferry, 69006 Lyon, France

The rise in power of "consum’actors" and their desire to measure the effectiveness of cosmetic formulas by themselves via connected applications is a new challenge in the development of active ingredients. Find out the results obtained through a collaborative work to monitor in real life the effects of a formulated sugar-based moisturizer on skin microrelief!

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