33rd IFSCC Congress, Barcelona, 4-7 September 2023


33rd IFSCC Congress, Barcelona, 4-7 September 2023

The 33rd IFSCC Congress will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 4th to 7th September 2023, under the theme «Rethinking Beauty Science». The sessions will be divided into three large specific groups:

  • Rethinking Science: Skin, oral, sun, and hair care: breakthrough technologies for cosmetic developments promoted by recent scientific research. New substances, new functions, new efficacies, new evaluation techniques.
  • Rethinking Beauty: Texture, odor and color, multi-sensoriality. A strong added value to cosmetics, its impact on uses, consumers, and marketing. Cosmetic and beauty product experiences backed up by technology.
  • Rethinking Nature: Responsible cosmetic development. What have we learned from nature? Towards the guarantee of safer cosmetic products?

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Discover some of our latest investigations and meet our experts in the conference and poster sessions!

  • September, 6th,  16:50 to 17:10 - Hall 1,  SESSION: Rethinking Science. The right ingredient to get the job done
Cécile Bize - Photo communication scientifique

Cécile Bize, Biological Evaluation Manager at Seppic will present:

“A new anti-sagging ingredient with a multi-level action on skin mechanical properties from dermo-epidermal junction to dermo-hypodermal junction.”

  • September, 5th to 7th - Poster Sessions - Rethinking Beauty: 
Image Sensoriel IFSCC_

“New sensory approach to select the key excipients of a massage emulsion”

Presenter: Sophie Cambos,

Cosmetic Excipients Valorisation Manager at Seppic.

image poster acunpuncture like

“Acupuncture-like effect and happiness molecules: let's improve our well-being”.

Presenter:  Cécile Bize, Biological Evaluation Manager at Seppic.

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