32nd IFSCC Congress, London from 19-22 September 2022


32nd IFSCC Congress, London from 19-22 September 2022

The Society of Cosmetic Scientists UK and Ireland is preparing to host the 32nd IFSCC congress, from 19th to 22nd September, in Westminster, the very heart of London. This event is dedicated to showcase leading research, future trends and to highlight the constant innovation that drives the cosmetic industry. Virtual attendance is also an available opportunity.

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Discover some of our latest studies in the poster sessions! 

  • Poster ID_144 - SESSION 11A: Formulating for Customisation and Personalisation
hair care and rheology

“Reformulation of hair conditioner to improve sustainability and usability with the help of rheology.”

Authors:  Liming Sun, Roso Alicia, Cuq-Arnaud Elodie, Guichard Charlotte, Laubé Florian, Perez Carla

Objective: reformulate a hot-processed hair conditioner in a cold-processed formulation while maintaining its stability, similar textural and sensory properties, and improving its usability.

  • Poster ID_246 - SESSION 2: Skin Health, Protection & Well Ageing
Skin Health, Protection & Well Ageing

“Indoor pollution: Dysregulations of mitochondrial functions induced by formaldehyde.”

Authors:  Bize, Cécile; De Pooter, Ambre; Vincent, Gaëlle

Objective: investigate the effects of formaldehyde, classified as priority indoor pollutants, on mitochondrial functions. 

  • Poster ID_385 - SESSION 3: Focus on the Skin Microbiome
Focus on the Skin Microbiome
“Cutibacterium acnes-derived extracellular vesicles promote acne-like phenotypes in human keratinocytes and sebocytes.”

Authors: Bize, Cécile1; Vincent, Gaëlle1; Martin, Patricia2; Fontanié, Maxime

1 Seppic Research & Innovation, France 
2 Vibiosphen, France 

Objective: Clarify the mechanism of action of Cutibacterum acnes in acne pathogenesis by studying the effects of secreted extracellular vesicles on both keratinocytes and sebocytes. 

  • Poster ID_515 - SESSION 1: Delivering Efficacy
Delivering Efficacy

In vitro method to evaluate the cleansing performance of surfactants dedicated to micellar water formulations.”

Authors:  Cuq-Arnaud Elodie, Roso Alicia; Cavaillès Maïté, Dumaine Marion, Laubé Florian

Objective: develop a simple, quick and reproducible, in vitro method, close to the application, to select effective cleansing ingredients for micellar water and guide the development of the formula.

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