1st CSC alongside the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021


1st CSC alongside the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021

Online event

The first Cosmetic Science Conference CSC – organized by the German Society of Applied and Scientific Cosmetics (DGK e.V.) will take place on October 13th and 14th 2021 alongside the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 as an online event. This newly introduced conference, which succeeds the DGK Symposium, will highlight the latest scientific findings in cosmetic science. This year the topic of the conference is: “Mindful Cosmetics”.

19 speakers will share their insights regarding skin care and skin health in times of changing lifestyle as well as on different aspects of green cosmetics and green chemistry.
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Join us in this event on Thursday 14 October 2021, room 2 lectures at 10:00am Berlin & Paris Time (GMT +2h)

Alicia 2019

“The Power Of Emotions In Skin Care:  Learnings  From Formulation To Ingredients.”

The challenge was to characterize emotions generated by simple skin care formulas and key ingredients!  Alicia Roso, scientific communication manager, will be presenting the methodologies and Seppic testimony on achievements as well as disappointments throughout these experiences.

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