Seppic launches SEPIFILM™ White TF, for the dietary supplements market

  • November 14, 2017
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Seppic launches SEPIFILM™ White TF, for the dietary supplements market

Seppic widens its coating solution range with SEPIFILM™ White TF, a white and opacifying tablet-coating agent free from titanium dioxide, for dietary supplement applications.

SEPIFILM™ White TF offers a new and efficient tablet-coating solution offering a strong opacifying and whitening power. It can be used to make white tablets and to effectively cover imperfections of tablet cores, without titanium dioxide (TiO2), a common additive used for this purpose in dietary supplements.

This solution is an efficient alternative to white tablet coating agents containing TiO2with no compromise on the performance in terms of whiteness and opacifying strength.

Ready-to-use, SEPIFILM™ White TF can be easily applied on nutritional tablets using a standard coating process.

SEPIFILM™ White TF has been developed to meet the growing demand for TiO2-free alternatives from consumers and manufacturers of dietary supplements.

It comes as a solution designed specially for dietary supplements, in addition to the already existing SEPIFILM™ Naturally Colored, a range of colored tablet-coating agents based on natural colors and free from TiO2.

Mariane Tavares, Nutrition Business Unit Director at Seppic, stated: “With the launch of SEPIFILM™ White TF, we provide a solution aligned with our customers’ needs and the consumers’ expectations. This innovation(1) is the result of the expertise of Seppic teams. It opens the door to new opportunities of product development on the dietary supplement market.”

(1) A patent application has been filed


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