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Feeling good and enjoying a healthy life

Consumers who emphasize healthy living and seek enhanced well-being use dietary supplements to maintain their physical fitness, improve their athletic performance, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seppic sees dietary supplements as a means of maintaining vitality and optimizing a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge of daily vitality

In the face of aging and global urbanization, prevention and the preservation of a healthy lifestyle are a means of maintaining one's health and physical condition at its best for as long as possible.

Vitality is central in this quest for well-being and health. It relies in particular on the democratization of athletic practices and sports nutrition. Athletes, regardless of how intense their sport, have specific nutritional needs that must be met if they are to achieve and maintain peak performance. Minerals are particularly important, as they contain electrolytes and carry an essential function in muscle and respiratory processes.

During exercise, the body requires additional oxygen. This increase results in an additional build-up of free radicals, creating a need for anti-oxidants. In this field, Seppic provides unique ingredients that combine scientifically proven efficacy and demonstrated performance. These solutions meet consumer needs, from occasional athletes to senior citizens.

Seppic’s expertise

Seppic develops biological models and methods to evaluate the effectiveness of nutritional ingredients, especially for the benefit of athletes’ vitality in performance and recovery. Our innovation laboratories have developed an exclusive in vitro model that models physical exercise and its consequences on human muscle fibers.

This model demonstrated the efficacy of Sepifit™ Protect, a synergistic complex of antioxidants, on key biological markers for muscle protection, recovery, and performance. Sepifit™ Protect's effect on recovery was also demonstrated in a pilot clinical study.

Seppic also knows how on-the-go and practical uses are particularly suited to this field. Through our expertise in formulation, we offer innovative solutions for consumers and formulators alike.