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CEOLUS™ Cellulose microcristalline (MCC) - excipient de compression

CEOLUS™ Nutrition

Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) used as compression excipients

CEOLUS™ is a range of microscrystalline cellulose products used as compression excipients. Ceolus™ products facilitate powder or microgranule compression, even at low concentrations in excipients. They also prevent capping during the compression phase. CEOLUS™ has three types of powder grades : UF, KG and PH which comply with USP/NF, Ph.Eur and JP pharmacopeia. It also has a colloidal grade known as RC which complies with USP/NF and JPE pharmacopeia.

Features and functions

Various CEOLUS™ grades have the following characteristics in pharmaceutical formulations:

  • Excellent compactibility due to high plastic deformation
  • Favorable disintegration while keeping high compactibility
  • Improvement in flow due to density and/or morphology
  • Good mixing properties helping to prevent particle segregation
  • Wide granulation range due to optimal water holding capacity

With their good compactibility, CEOLUS™ UF and KG facilitate formulation design and tabletting efficiency, particularly for high dose, small tablet, and low-compactibility drug formulations.

CEOLUS™ PH grades are the most commonly used grades for oral solid dosage forms. They show excellent performance when used in granulation and direct compression of tablets.

CEOLUS™ RC, the colloidal grade composed of MCC.


They are various CEOLUS grades that have the following CEOLUS™ products that differ in density or angle of repose, characterizing compactibility and flowability properties formulation :

Grade Particle size (µm) Density (g/cm3) Angle of repose (°) Main features
Ceolus UF-711 50 0,22 42
  • Combination of strong compactibility and very good flowability properties
  • Anti-capping
  • Reduced tablet size for high-dose formulations and low-compactibility drugs, and freedom from tablet capping.
  • Heightened efficiency in direct-compression tableting with gravity feeder              
Ceolus KG-1000 50 0,12 57
  • Very good compactibility.
  • Facilitates high-dose formulation, low compactibility drug tableting and reduced tablet size.
Ceolus KG-802 50 0,21 49
  • Very strong compactibility
  • Facilitates high-dose formulation, low compactibility drug tableting and reduced tablet size.
Ceolus PH-101 50 0,29 45
  • Binder, filler, granulation aid, flow aid, disintegrant.
  • Standard grade. Most widyly used for wet granulation tableting.
Ceolus PH-102 90 0,3 42
  • Binder, filler, granulation aid, flow aid, disintegrant.
  • Improved flow while maintaining compactibility and disintegration properties similar to PH-101. Used mostly for direct compression tableting.
Ceolus PH-F20JP 20 0,23 36
  • Binder, filler, granulation aid, flow aid, disintegrant.
  • Smallest particle size with increased surface area for enhanced compactibility.
Ceolus RC-A591NF - - -
  • For suspension stabilization and granulation enhancement

UF, KG and PH grades conform to the current USP/NF, Ph.Eur et JP. RC grade conforms to the current USP/NF and JPE.

CEOLUS™ is manufactured following the current excipient Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

The regulatory and quality package is available on request.



CEOLUS™ is manufactured by Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Asahi Kasei Corporation is a Japanese company who is manufacturing mineral products and cellulose derivatives for a multitude of pharmaceutical applications.

SEPPIC distributes these products in Europe for France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Belgium.

Asahi Kasei


Safety Data Sheet

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