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Student area

Seppic offers a range of varied career paths for students and interns, including apprenticeships ranging from 1 to 3 years and the opportunity to change departments/tutors during the course to discover new departments and experience different jobs.

School relations

Seppic regularly takes part in school forums in partnership with Air Liquide or directly with a Seppic booth.

Seppic employees promote job opportunities at the school they attended (schools of chemistry, biology, cosmetics, etc.).

Testimonials from apprentices or interns

“Seppic offers students and young graduates the opportunity to explor the professional world.”

“This is a company where the search for innovation and performance goes hand in hand with respect for values (work and human).”

“I want to stay with Seppic because there are varied assignments, constant progression, teams committed to continuous improvement.”

“What I liked immediately was the unity between all employees, the feeling of belonging to a company around this very specific and appealing expertise.”

“Quick integration within a dynamic, welcoming and informative team.”

An internship or work-study programme can be used as a pre-hire period where there are open positions that match the skills of the students on assignment.

At the end of the internship or work-study programme, SEPPIC can also share the student’s profile with other entities in the Air Liquide Group, thus enabling the student to access job opportunities within the Group.