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Bye Bye Sulfates!

A major trend on the hygiene/hair product market is the removal of sulfate-based anionic surfactants. Those are decried for their agressivity towards skin and hair, along with their role in fading of hair-coloring or damage of treatments such as brazilian smoothing.

Looking for alternatives

A sulfate free product must show a greater respect of skin and hair.

However, consumer expectations in terms of cleansing and foaming performance must not be sacrificed to that benefit: no difference can be noticed.

Find out how SEPPIC can help you:

  • Oramix L 30 provides a rich and creamy lather, while cleansing gently but efficiently. It can be used as an alternative to sulfates as a more mild surfactant. It is also known to help protecting dyed hair.
  • Proteol OAT PF and Proteol APL EF, used as secondary surfactants, offer outstanding performance: high tolerance and a very abundant, unctuous and stable foam.
  • Oramix NS 10, a natural (Ecocert, NATRUE and Cosmos approved) and non ionic alternative that combines mild surfactants with high foaming and cleansing powers.
  • Oramix CG 110 helps boost foam while naturally solubilizing at the same time.

Making the difference:

  • Aquaxyl: this Ecocert and Cosmos approved active hydrates the hair, restores the hair fibre and improves the foam quality and the tolerance of some surfactants (SEPPIC patent).
  • Amonyl 675 SB: amphoteric surfactant that boosts and stabilizes the foam produced by anionic surfactants. It shows a conditioning power highly superior to betaines, hence an interest in haircare.