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US20127 - Blow off steam scrub


Bring thalassotherapy at home, for a sea salt scrub that helps to soothe and clean the skin.

Fresh texture and soft finish!

The combination of SEPIMAX ™ ZEN, SOLAGUM ™ AX and MONTANOV™ L allow to make a stable O/W emulsion with 20.00% salt as a scrub.

With a maximum resistance to electrolytes, SEPIMAX™ ZEN provides a particle suspention stabilizing effect.

SOLAGUM™ AX helps stabilizing oils in the emulsion.

Glucolipid emulsifier, MONTANOV™ L stabilizes the emulsion no matter the nature or the quantity of fatty phase used.

EMOSMART™ V21 brings a fresh texture with a soft finish and matt veil.

This natural soft exfoliant, MICRO ALGUE 80, fights against sebum, microbial contamination and adds silicium to the skin.

SEL GRAIN™ exfoliates and revitalizes the skin while also increasing metabolism and circulation of the scalp.

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US20127 - Blow off steam scrub

  • March 23, 2021
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