Seppic unveils new sensory formulas and ingredient data in response to consumer expectations in the hydro-alcoholic gel market.

  • July 8, 2022
  • 2 minutes of read time

Seppic unveils new sensory formulas and ingredient data in response to consumer expectations in the hydro-alcoholic gel market.

Handwashing and sanitation were amplified in 2020, with health experts citing handwashing as a key weapon in protecting against the COVID-19 virus. Once consumers got used to this new gesture, they wanted improvements in the formulas of hydro-alcoholic gels: more naturalness, a less sticky texture, a less sticky finish … With new hybrid products between hand washing and hand care and a touch of fun in these very functional products, the hand sanitizer segment should have a bright future.


Seppic's Customer Technical Service Centers have been working on new galenics to inspire its customers : a biphase and a cream-gel.

Emollient Hydroalcoholic Biphasic (EU07685): A biphasic sprayable solution: a hydroalcoholic phase and a fatty phase with Seppic’s emollient EMOGREEN L19.  This type of formulation can also be used to add lipophilic actives for hand care. A formula offering  more care, more softness, more pleasure!  

Moisturizing Hydroalcoholic Cream Gel (US20156A): A clear cream gel cleanser that provides moisture and a protective film-like feel for a smooth skin finish with Seppic’s polymer SEPIMAX ZENTM. A formula with more care, more sensoriality while still transparent!


Seppic has also conducted various studies to evaluate the sensoriality of hydroalcoholic gel formulations with Seppic’s different polymers.

Two hydroalcoholic gels and one cream-gel were developed and validated by customers providing an appreciated sensory.The first gel combines naturalness and sensoriality (formula EU07742). One hundred percent natural origin thickening and stabilizing polymer, SOLAGUM™ AX viscoses hydroalcoholic gel while providing hydration (significant improvement) and exceptional sensoriality (non-stringy and intensely fresh sensation). The second gel (EU07743) and the cream-gel (US20156A) contain  SEPIMAX ZEN, Seppic’s pre-neutralized powder polymeric thickener which forms transparent aqueous gel or cream gel with a rich, soft and cashmere veil finish. Both types of hand sanitizer with SEPIMAX ZEN™ provide a very positive user experience to consumers and a good moisturizing effect on dry skins. In a cream-gel hand sanitizer, it stabilizes the oily phase and keeps the transparency, which is not feasible with a benchmark polymer, giving the sensation of protective film on the skin. Both formulas were proved to provide significantly superior skin hydration 30 min after application, compared to a benchmark polymer.

To support these new data, providing the latest hand sanitizers market trends and Seppic formulation solutions to customers, a new Seppic presentation is available on request.