Seppic releases innovative data on liquid crystals promoter Montanov™ 202

  • July 1, 2020
  • 2 minutes of read time

Seppic releases innovative data on liquid crystals promoter Montanov™ 202

Customers today are looking for simple yet effective and pleasurable textures. In the quest for efficacy and minimalism, the use of active emulsifier is a great option for formulators: both stability of the product and benefits on the consumer skin are brought by one single ingredient. Montanov™ 202, one of the 100% plant based, COSMOS and NATRUE approved O/W emulsifier by Seppic ticks all the boxes! 

Seppic’s 2020 study demonstrates that liquid crystals are the secret behind both its performance in formulation and its cutaneous activity.

Historically it is recognized that Montanov™ 202 unique properties are mainly due to the presence of liquid crystals in the emulsions. This year, using the latest technologies, Seppic went further and conducted studies to understand the mechanism of action behind those skin benefits but also to demonstrate that these structures are robust.

First Montanov™ 202 emulsion richness in liquid crystals was investigated to understand the impact of time, temperature, transport and formulation composition on the creation and the stability of  lamellar phases and lamellar bilayers. Extensive stability study mimicking extreme conditions, such as hot temperature and transportation, demonstrated that Montanov™ 202 can easily create liquid crystals that are robust, thus guaranteeing stability and performance over time.

Second, a focus was made on skin improvement. Great similitudes were found between the emulsion and the stratum corneum lipids organizations. X-rays microdiffraction proved that the lamellar bilayer biomimetic structure in the emulsion strengthens the skin barrier function by gently inserting itself within the stratum corneum lipids lamellar structure. As a result, skin roughness is immediately reduced and skin moisturization is increased for up to five hours after application, in vivo demonstration by visualization imaging technology and corneometry measurement.The skin is visibly smoother!

Seppic invites you to come and explore the science behind those emulsion stars: the Liquid crystals.

Léa Couillault, product manager, stated: “Montanov™ 202 is a natural O/W emulsifier formulating ultra white thick lotions to creams with a light, soft skin-feel and a matte finish on the skin. Emulsions are rich in liquid crystals, making them biocompatible and able to bring additional activity to the skin. Benefits that are key both for formulators and customers all over the globe”