Seppic launches EMOGREENTM C69, a soft and velvety touch for sustainable formulations

  • April 2, 2019
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Seppic launches EMOGREEN™ C69, a soft and velvety touch for sustainable formulations

From 100% natural origin content (naturality ISO 16128), EMOGREEN™ C69 is an alternative to dimethicone touch in cosmetic formulations. Readily biodegradable, COSMOS approved and NATRUE certified, this China compliant and non-GMO emollient fits with all kinds of formulations. EMOGREEN™ C69 meets consumers need for pleasant skin feel and more natural cosmetics.

Easy-to-use and very fluid, EMOGREEN™ C69 is a crystal clear and odorless oil. These characteristics make it convenient for any type of texture and application (skin care, hair care, make-up, sun care...).

EMOGREEN™ C69 imparts a soft and extra-comfortable powdery veil at the end of application. Neither sticky nor draggy, its outstanding sensory makes it the right choice for face & body care as well as for sun care and make-up.

Sabrina MIZAEL, product manager, stated: “EMOGREEN™ C69 has been developed to meet consumer needs for more natural and environment-friendly beauty care products, in line with Seppic's Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. As part of EMOGREEN™ range, this new generation emollient combines sustainability and skin feel.

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