Emogreen™, nature-made chemistry

  • June 23, 2020
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Emogreen™, nature-made chemistry

Last summer Seppic released a video about its Emogreen™ range. A tribute to our planet’s beauty, this short video , along with its inspiring soundtrack, reveals the environmental advantages of Emogreen™, a range of plant-based alkanes. At this occasion, we interviewed Sabrina MIZAEL, Emollient Product Manager and coordinator of the communication campaign.

Why did you decide to communicate about alkanes?

In the cosmetics industry, alkanes are well-known for their sensorial properties. They have been widely used for a long time all around the world. Historically, they are from synthetic or mineral origin. Although these compounds can be obtained from plants, it should be said that due to their INCI name (Alkane), brands and consumers still stigmatize them, because they think it is a synthetic product derived from fossil sources. In essence, alkanes do not have the best image.

At Seppic, we understand this concern, so we decided to emphasize that alkanes can also be of natural origin, since plants themselves synthesize them. That is what our video storytelling (by Make It Bloom!) depicts: since nature is made up of atoms and molecules, everything is chemistry! Chemistry and nature are not opposed.

As the cosmetics market is constantly looking for innovative, efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly ingredients, we decided to launch the Emogreen™, two non-polar emollients satisfying all these criteria. They are NATRUE certified and COSMOS and ECOCERT approved and 100% derived from responsible plant biomass. The palm oil biomass is non-GMO, traceable back to the plantations, and covered by a Mass Balance certificate in accordance with the RSPO standard. These emollients are also readily biodegradable (86% to 89% biodegradable at 28 days under OECD protocol 301B). As a matter of fact, as soon as they were launched, they were praised by professionals who rewarded the innovation, sensoriality, and sustainability of the two oils: Gold Award at In-Cosmetics Asia in the “innovative functional ingredient” category, and most sustainable ingredient award granted by the New York Society of Cosmetics Chemists at the symposium dedicated to “The future of Sustainability”. Two other Asian trophies rewarded their skin feel with the Best Sensory Ingredient Award and Best Sensory Enhancer Award.

The video reveals Emogreen™’s advantages with regards to sustainability and responsibility. Can you tell us more?

Consumers want natural and biodegradable cosmetics with a minimal environmental impact. The Emogreen™ range contributes to this revolution towards more responsible beauty, that is why we decided to emphasize Seppic’s commitment in our development strategy: offering a new generation of emollients based on renewable resources and involving sophisticated purification processes. In addition to a neutral carbon footprint calculated “from cradle to gate” (from the plantation to leaving the factory), a key advantage compared to silicone oils, which are five times more energy-intensive, our applicative studies show that Emogreen™ are also excellent sensorial alternatives to these oils.

Do you mean that Emogreen™ have further assets to the natural origin described in the video?

Yes, the Emogreen™ range provides emotional advantages, demonstrated by in-depth sensorial analysis studies. Some of these studies even involved neuroscience methods, such as the study of prosody (voice musicality and intensity) as different formulas were applied by panellists. Emogreen™ generated very positive emotions and achieved the feat of equalling the velvety feel, the infinite sliding effect or the powdery qualities of silicone oils, which everyone knows are much praised by consumers.

Do you have a message for formulators?

Yes, absolutely! Highly pure (unique patented purification process), inert, non-oxidisable, stable, and non-comedogenic… Emogreen™ are versatile oils. Not only are these emollients easy to incorporate to formulas thanks to their fluid qualities and transparency, but they are also compatible with all types of oily phases (vegetable oils, esters, silicone oils, mineral oils…). Emogreen™ can be used for all cosmetics applications (skincare, hair care, sun care, makeup, deodorants, cleansing, hair coloration, depilatory products, etc.). Some of their specificities even make them unique in several applications. For example, Emogreen™ provide better cleansing results than other market references, like silicones or isododecane, and they offer the advantage of being natural and readily biodegradable.

Both a commitment to sustainable beauty and a source of sensuality, the Emogreen™ range represents a new generation of emollients that respects current and future generations!

Interview by Stéphanie MACHON,