BREATHTAKING RITUALS Seppic revisits beauty rituals through astounding textures

  • April 27, 2021
  • 3 minutes of read time

BREATHTAKING RITUALS Seppic revisits beauty rituals through astounding textures

“Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may become a teacher of others.” - Confucius.

For this 2021 Texture Bar, Seppic invites you to travel through time and culture, to dive into the beauty of tomorrow. Influenced by ancestral, healing and local beauty rituals, BREATHTAKING RITUALS is based on six traditional beauty routines full of symbols and beliefs that have been revisited by surprising, innovative and transforming textures.

ANCESTRAL RITUALS are beauty routines repeated thousands of times over the generations through religious ceremonies and profound beliefs. Those rituals are full of meaning, symbols and history. This is the case of the MASK’MALLOW formula, that is inspired by the Indian Haldi Ritual. It is a turmeric paste applied on the face of the bride and groom on the eve of the wedding to reveal the radiance of the skin. A catalyst for happiness according to Indian beliefs, it allows the couple to glow throughout the wedding day. The MASK’MALLOW formula is an amazing solid sleeping mask with a velvet and powdery skin feel that brings out natural radiance. This surprising, patented melting formula is created thanks to the association of Agar Agar, MONTANOV™ 202 and SEPIMAX ZEN™ that provides a bouncy texture and a playful gesture.

Drawing inspiration from traditional medicine and grandmother's remedies, HEALING RITUALS were created to protect and soothe the skin. Initially used for medical reasons, these beauty products quickly found their way into our bathrooms due to their authenticity and effectiveness. The Seppic teams have thus imagined SCRUB’MARIN, a foaming scrub for an unctuous application on face and chest. Influenced by Thalassotherapy and by the curative qualities of sea water, algae and seaside climate, SCRUB’MARIN is composed of sea sourced ingredients such as MICRO ALGUE 80 & HYDRALYXIR™ CC. Its creamy foam, obtained thanks to the combination of SEPIMAX ZEN™ and SOLAGUM™ TARA polymers, has been objectively assessed by a panel of sensory experts. This formula offers well-being and pleasure during application. 

Influenced by climate and by local living conditions, LOCAL RITUALS were developed to answer an ideal of the local beauty representation. These routines, originally invented in the heart of one country, have conquered the rest of the world with their remarkable benefits. Porcelain complexion and red mouth, this practice has been used for a long time as a sign of beauty in Japan. It was in the desire to keep the skin healthy despite this make-up, that “Double Cleansing” was born. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese routine, the Seppic formulators have revisited this 2-step ritual, using simple products to ensure effective make-up removal while protecting the skin. The JAPAN’EASE CLEANSING OIL formula is an oily makeup remover with a unique refreshing skin feel: a soft and light texture, easy to rinse off and providing a non-greasy finish (significantly proven by a panel of experts in sensory analysis). A sensorial enhancer, EMOGREEN™ L19, provides excellent make-up removal properties compared to other oils on the market, demonstrated by a Seppic evaluation method. 

Through its BREATHTAKING RITUALS collection, Seppic puts science at the service of beauty and draws inspiration from the past and traditions to discover the textures of tomorrow.