Bio-sourced emollients: New development opportunities for cosmetics

  • April 11, 2016
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Bio-sourced emollients:New development opportunities for cosmetics

The increasingly high expectations of cosmetic formulation chemists and consumers for naturality, ingredient safety and the sensorial feel of products are becoming major development focuses in cosmetic ingredients.

To meet these expectations, SEPPIC and Total Fluides combine their applied and commercial expertise, respectively in cosmetic markets and development and production of highly purified molecules.

Total Fluides, a recognized international producer and marketer of high-purity fluid alkanes, and SEPPIC, a designer of cosmetic specialty ingredients, signed an agreement on April 11, 2016 for emollient development and marketing.

Their cooperation will lead to the launch of a complete range of high-purity alkane emollients including a brand new range of bio-sourced, biodegradable emollients that fully responds to the strong demands of today's cosmetics market.

About Total Fluides:

Total Fluides is a subsidiary of the TOTAL group. Total Fluides is a leading international player in production and marketing of high quality hydrocarbon solvents and special fluids produced in France and the US using a technology and a process patented by TOTAL.
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A subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group within the Healthcare activity, SEPPIC designs specialty ingredients for healthcare and beauty. Through its subsidiaries and distributor network, SEPPIC is present in 100 countries, employing 630 people worldwide including 100 innovation researchers.
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