Explore the states of matter

  • January 1, 2016
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Explore the states of matter

Attentive to market trends and customers’ needs, SEPPIC is interpreting and anticipating consumers’ requirements.

Explore the States of Matter

SEPPIC explores distinct states of matter and offers an innovative “Table des Matières” from solid and fluid to gas.

In solid state, “Insta-Smooth Dazzling Blur” acts like an eraser that eliminates skin imperfections. The SESAFLASH™ toner and TIMECODE™ wrinkle corrector deliver instant radiance while associative polymer SEPIMAX™ ZEN gives the formula texture.

On contact with water, “Shift Shaper Scrub” sculpting clay dissolves into a gentle scrub. MONTANOV™ L and SIMULSOL™ 165 emulsifiers give it a firm texture that becomes rich and creamy with water. AQUAXYL™ moisturizes and restructures the skin, making it even softer after use.

In liquid state, “Watch it Happen - Transforming BB Cream” changes color, morphing into a BB cream. To complete the transformation, capsules release color pigments on application while SEPIMAX™ ZEN polymer ensures capsule suspension remains consistent throughout the formula. This efficacy is due to a highly elastic polymer network and a high yield stress.

In gaseous state, “Pop Rocks Energizing Mousse” makes the skin tingle when sodium bicarbonate and citric acid meet. A true chemistry of the senses produced by the stabilizing power of highly electrolyte-resistant SEPIMAX™ ZEN. Boosting skin with oxygen, the formula is enriched with a unique energizing mineral blend of GULF STREAM SEA WATER and SEPITONIC™ M3.

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SEPPIC explores the States of Matter