Cosmetic trends

  • June 11, 2018
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Cosmetic trends

To better anticipate the needs of consumers and cosmetic manufacturers, SEPPIC, together with the Carlin International style agency, has transposed two major cosmetics trends, to the world of cosmetics, “Apothi’Care” and “Fantasy Paradox”.

SEPPIC trends, concepts for cosmetic formulas

Four consumer trends from Carlin International style Agency were analyzed by SEPPIC:

Interlude” depicts and extends the “vacation” effect.
Hibernature” reflects glacial beauty and extreme cold.
Manufacture” modernizes the classics, giving them a second life with a touch that is both vintage and modern.
Heroic” embodies the heroes of ancient legends and fantastic tales, who dare to brave the unknown.

SEPPIC adopted the “Manufacture” and “Heroic” concepts, transposing them into the world of cosmetics and renaming them “Apothi’Care” and “Fantasy Paradox”.

To translate these concepts into cosmetics formulas, SEPPIC hosted creative workshops bringing together its international teams to create a lookbook of formulas adapted to the specificities of each geographical area.

With the “Fantasy Paradox” and “Apothi’Care” trends and its universal chassis, SEPPIC is anticipating the requirements of its clients more than ever and offering cosmetics manufacturers diverse possibilities for formulating and for creating new products.

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The “Apothi’Care” trend

“The best of the past enhanced with a modern feel”. Inspired by the trend for tradition and authenticity, the “Apothi’Care” concept revisits the best elements of the past and modernizes them in pure vintage style. To better adapt this trend, which embodies authenticity and modernity, to the world of cosmetics, SEPPIC has created a universal chassis formulation that can be customized by adding cocktails for different applications.

The universal “Apothi’Care” chassis

This universal chassis formulation is the fruit of a clever combination of two flagship products from SEPPIC: SEPIMAX™ ZEN (a thickening and stabilizing polymer with maximum electrolyte resistance), and MONTANOV™ L (an emulsifier that maintains skin hydration).

With this one, single ingredient base, it is possible to create highly diversified formulas (moisturizers, after shaves, hair treatments, etc.). The universal chassis from SEPPIC shows exceptional stability regardless of the active ingredients chosen to customize the formulation. Its versatility enables manufacturers in the cosmetics industry to speed up the development of their latest innovations and bring them to market more rapidly.

Recipes inspired by Apothi'care

To illustrate this trend, SEPPIC's teams and partners from France, Brazil, Japan and India created cocktails to match the specificities of each country, to be used alone or blended with the universal chassis.

In Europe, SEPPIC designed care products for all ages:

  • A hydro-alcoholic soothing after-shave gel combining a soothing active ingredient, SEPICALM™ S, and a powerful antioxidant, SEPIVINOL™.
  • A daily hydrating treatment for women, containing AQUAXYL™, a hydrating active ingredient derived from sugars that rebalances moisture levels in the skin.
  • A soothing moisturizer for children, combining AQUAXYL™ and SEPICALM™ VG, a soothing-brightening active ingredient based on water lily extract: a formulation designed “as natural as possible” particularly well-adapted to this market segment.

In Brazil, where body image is crucial, SEPPIC designed two "trendy” cocktails:

  • Bottoms up!: a cocktail designed to firm and reshape the buttocks. Containing SIMULGEL™ INS 100, a thickener and stabilizer and Sesaflash, a sesame-based active ingredient that instantly lifts the skin, Bottoms up! offers a smooth texture, rapid absorption, and a lifting action.
  • A nourishing, protective haircare serum designed with the active ingredient SEPICAP™ MP for a thermo-active action on stressed hair. It revitalizes the root of the hair while restructuring and protecting its fibers.

In Japan, radiant and blemish-free “porcelain” white skin has been a symbol of femininity for centuries. Seiwa Kasei, based in Japan, developed a whitening and moisturizing serum which contains SEPIWHITE™ MSH, a brightening and hydrating active ingredient, SESAFLASH™ to smooth the skin, and AQUAXYL™ for complete hydration.

In India, massages are rituals that are an integral part of daily life. Yasham Bio-Science, the SEPPIC distributor in India, designed:

  • A relaxing oil for skin and hair composed of macadamia nut, almond, grapeseed, cinnamon, grapefruit and jasmine oils. Combined with the SEPPIC universal chassis, this blend creates an emulsion that remains perfectly stable and enhances its natural, traditional ingredients.
  • “Men’s Face & Body Bar”, a men’s sulphate-free black bar soap for shaving and cleansing the face. Highly sought-after in India, it is composed of active ingredients such as SEPICALM™ S to soothe and calm sensitive or irritated skin, surfactants such as PROTEOL™ APL, which provides a soft sensation, and AQUAXYL™ to rehydrate the skin.


The “Fantasy Paradox” trend

“Let’s escape the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary”. Inspired by the mysterious heroes of fantastic tales and ancient legends, the “Fantasy Paradox” trend takes the imagination to magical, dream-like, luxurious and baroque universes (precious stones, glitter, royal colors…) by creating both an element of surprise and a fascination for the unknown. For cosmetics, this concept translates into the use of explosive colors (red, orange, Bordeaux and gold tones) and unconventional or even astonishing textures, and it brings a touch of eccentricity by calling upon all the senses.

Mysterious and magical formulas

To illustrate this trend and demonstrate the versatility of its ingredients, SEPPIC has created surprising formulas together with Alpol Cosmétique, Labosphere and the ISIPCA School of Cosmetics:

Black and Gold shower gel is luxurious and ultra gentle. It creates an incredible and unique sensory experience. This black-colored gel is composed of golden exfoliating particles that soften the skin. Upon application, the gel changes color and transforms into a white foam thanks to SEPIMAX™ ZEN, which thickens, stabilizes and adds texture to the foaming formulation.

Beauty Armor Blush is an opaque, bright orange blush which takes one aback at first glance. Upon application, this fluorescent orange mousse gives an ultra smooth touch (effect of SEPISOFT™ SP) that then leaves a light, transparent tangerine colored veil on the skin.

Rituel Primer, a Bordeaux-colored sensual serum, is a combination of ingredients making it possible to obtain silky and desirable skin. Upon application, the Bordeaux color becomes transparent. Ritual Primer is composed of a highly complex SEPPIC ingredient, FLUIDANOV™ 20X, which texturizes and stabilizes the formula while giving it a soft and silky feel, and SEPILIFT™ DPHP, which visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles by smoothing skin.

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