Future forecast for 2024 beauty

  • February 2, 2023
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Future forecast for 2024 beauty

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The cosmetics sector is facing many changes. Current events, the evolution of local and international issues, modernization and the evolution of consumer habits are all shaping trends that impact the beauty industry. Seppic deciphers the cosmetic trends for 2024.


Seppic beauty trend healthyliving


Healthyliving is linked to a holistic approach to our bodies. Everything is connected: what we eat, how we feel, how we live... Everything must be safe and beneficial, contributing to well-being.

The future of cosmetics will address all skins (regardless of their specificity, condition, exposure...) and will link food, nutrition, health and beauty in an inclusive approach. Healthyliving is illustrated by three sub-trends: Well style, Me & myself and Holistic Therapy. 

Well style refers to a healthy lifestyle positively associated with mental health and well-being. It’s a new leitmotiv where healthy living brings more positivity and serenity leading to a natural beauty. Seppic works on this approach with two ingredients : 

  • TALADVANCE™: an extract of Centella asiatica that restores the skin circadian rhythm and chronobiology. and offers skin radiance and suppleness.
  • SIMULGEL™NS: a thickening liquid polymer with a nice sensoriality that acts positively on the skin barrier helping impaired skin to recover.

Me & myself is for people who are looking for well-being, who will cultivate self-love, accepting their differences. Seppic addresses this trend with two ingredients:

  • TIMECODE™: a biomimetic molecule of PALGLY, naturally present in the skin and the brain, nicknamed "happiness molecule". This ingredient is the best ally against stress and inflamm'aging for pro-ageing products.
  • FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY: a versatile O/W emulsifier with an elegant invisible wear that suits for all consumers and various applications.

Holistic Therapy entered a new era of search for meaning and heightened awareness. A way to connect with nature and the world around us in the search for well-being. Seppic follows this trend with two ingredients :

  • SEPITONIC™ M3.0: the active mineral complex essential to skin for more vitality, more prevention and more protection.
  • EMOGREEN™ range: a high purity plant-based and renewable alkanes emollients with high sensoriality to answer to various playtime and skinfeel and feel emotions.



Betterliving is symbolized by the reconnection to others and to the planet, in order to develop a conscious beauty. Better living requires beauty players to be accountable of their social and environmental footprint and to set clearly their ikigai1.

Cosmetics are increasingly reinventing formulations, while caring about the people and the planet. With the pandemic, the mentality of people has changed to evolve towards a return to simplicity and naturalness.

Betterliving is illustrated by three sub-trends: The Golden Blue, Protopia and Frugality. 

The Golden Blue, or the art to preserve water ressource, makes sense nowadays.  By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages2 due to the lack of fresh water. In cosmetics, drinking water can be substituted or water-free formats can be considered. Seppic supports this approach with two ingredients : 

  • HYDRALIXIR™LD: algae cellular water directly sourced from organic Laminaria digitata seaweed as  an alternative to formulation water. 
  • AQUAXYL™: a patented natural sugar complex recognized for its moisturising efficacy and with added values in waterless cosmetics: the partner of soaps, improving appearance and foam!

Protopia is one of the three visions of the future which is part of the Betterliving concept. It believes in the natural positive progress of mankind. Protopia highlights circular economy, upcycling and local consumption. Seppic offers ingredients that fit into the 3Rs concept:

  • SEPIFINE™BB: a natural texturizing ingredient upcycled from the babassu oil harvesting (by-product). The collect is part of a non-gouvernementale mission allowing transparency and traceability 
  • MONTANOV™ range: an emulsifier range combining an exemplary naturalness profile (NOC=100%) with a recycling of the residual biomass by biomethanization. The Montanov™ range actively participates in the zero waste objective.

Frugality refers to the tendency to acquire goods and services in a restrained manner to achieve a longer term goal. This tendency turns towards “less but better”. Seppic encourages this challenge with one ingredient, and one concept :

  • EMOGREEN™ HP40: a multifunctional emollient, combining functional and sensory properties. The perfect alternative to viscous silicone and mineral oils that is sustainable and biosourced.
  • Cosmetic Mixology: inspired by the BIY concept, Cosmetic Mixology presents two bases of formulas with in-house actives. The two bases have been designed taking into account the need of consumers for minimalist formulas.



Superliving is being at the forefront of sciences & technologies. It describes how digital technologies, artificial intelligence & social networks revolutionize cosmetics including at scientific level.

The cosmetics market is working to provide highly personalized & experiential beauty products at mass level.

Superliving is illustrated by three sub-trends: Augmented Human, Direct to Avatar and Beauty nerd. 

Augmented Human describes the merge of man and technology where humans are trying to shift their human biological limitations. Seppic offers protective and effective solutions with one concept and one ingredient : 

  • BIY skincare booster collection: a biomimetic texture emulsion that can be customized with active solutions to boost and reinforce the skin. 
  • ANTILEUKINE 6™: a bioinspired extract of Laminaria Ochroleuca that acts as an active shield against UV stress, blue light stress and neurogenic suractivation, to reinforce, soothe and protect.

Direct to Avatar projects us in a future where consumers would have the opportunity through avatars to reinvent themselves into a more engaging digital world. Seppic illustrates this trend with one ingredient and one concept :

  • SAKADIKIUM™: a blue light protector for a more luminous, moisturized, more supple and softer skin, fighting against the digital impact on our skin. 
  • Seppic textures: a new world of creativity seems to be emerging. Be inspired with our impactful textures and new cosmetic routines.

Beauty Nerd follows how advances and innovation in various technologies will lead to the next generation of products with proven efficacy. Seppic encourages this challenge with two ingredients :

  • CELTOSOME™ range: marine biotechnologies plant cell extracts with sustainable advantages and an optimized efficacy in cosmetic products.
  • SEPIMAX ZEN™: a versatile and strong polymer, the ally to boost creativity with serenity, even in very technical formulation.


1 ikigai means the reason for being

2 source : worldwildlif