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US20157 - Back from the beach_banner

US20157 - Back from the beach

US20157 - A shimmery sea salt texturizing hair spray

Add some waves and sunshine sparkle to your hair with this ocean salt and minerals spray.

Perfect to texturize hair and energize the scalp!

SEPIMAX ZEN™ polymer is able to withstand high amounts of salt and minerals while suspending particles in a sprayable gel

GULF STREAM SEA WATER™ recreates the ocean water in a bottle, enriched with exceptional nutrients during its journey across the Atlantic

SEPITONIC™ M3.0: a complex of essential minerals boosting cell metabolism and protecting from free-radicals

XYLISHINE™ closes the hair cuticles to avoid dehydration and adds extra shine, while helping defining the curls

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US20157 - Back from the beach texturizing spray GB

US20157 - Back from the beach

  • August 17, 2022
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